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CALI is the representative body for Australia’s life insurers and reinsurers.

We are unable to offer direct consumer advice or services. The directory below may be able to assist you and help you find what you are looking for.

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Policies bought through a financial adviser

If you, or the deceased person, bought insurance through a financial adviser, you should contact them first. If the adviser is no longer available the next step is to contact the insurer directly. You can find details of Australia’s life insurers here.

Policies bought from the insurer

If you, or the deceased person, bought insurance directly from the insurer, you should contact them directly. You can find details of Australia’s life insurers here.

Policies bought through a superannuation fund

You, or the deceased person, may hold life insurance through your superannuation fund. You should contact the superannuation fund directly to find out. If you do not know which fund to contact, you can contact your last known employer or search for lost super policies via MyGov or the ATO website.

For more information about general insurance please contact the Insurance Council of Australia

For more information about superannuation please contact ASFA

For more information about life insurance and about managing your money please contact MoneySmart.

Sometimes you may have a problem with a product or service you receive from your life insurer. Under the Life Code of Practice, your insurer must have a procedure in place to deal with complaints.

CALI does not have the authority or ability to deal with individual complaints. We encourage you to follow these simple steps.

1. Contact your life insurer and tell them about your problem

A customer service representative should be able to assist when you first contact your life insurer. If your insurer can’t resolve your problem then and there, it will take the following steps:

  • Let you know who is handing your complaint
  • Keep you informed of what is happening
  • Aim to resolve your complaint within a specified time. Fortunately most complaints can be sorted out at this stage. However, if this is not the case you may need to go to step 2.

2. Make a formal complaint

Your life insurer has a process for handling formal complaints. There may be a Customer Relations Manager or Complaints Manager who will investigate the complaint. If the dispute cannot be resolved to your satisfaction internally, your next move is to take your complaint to an external dispute resolution scheme for independent review.

3. Make a complaint to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority

The Australian Financial Complaints Authority AFCA is an independent complaints scheme that is free for consumers. It provides an accessible way of resolving disputes, without having to go to court. The decision of the AFCA is binding on the life insurer. Only go to the AFCA after you have tried to resolve things with your life insurer, as AFCA will not deal with your complaint unless you have first given the lifer insurer the chance to put things right.

4. Report a concern to the Life Code Compliance Committee (LCCC)

If you are concerned that your life insurer is breaching the Life Insurance Code of Practice, you can refer the matter to the independent Life Code Compliance Committee for investigation here. The Committee’s role is to monitor compliance and investigate breaches against the Code. They will then recommend corrective action if needed.

You can contact AFCA by calling 1800 931 678 or emailing